AI Copilot - create test cases out of requirements or based on context in seconds

AI Copilot is an AI-powered tool that can save you hours of work by helping you create test cases within a few seconds based on a requiremet or context, or both. It is capable of creating test cases even based on minimal information.

AI Copilot is especially useful when:

  • A QA specialist wants to quickly cover a requirement that does not have any tests.

  • The requirement is quite complex and it takes a lot of time to create high-quality test cases.

  • A QA specialist wants to verify that all aspects of the requirement are covered by test cases

You can start using AI Copilot from multiple places in aqua.

Test case based on a requirement

Go to aqua and open an existing requirement or create a new one. Once you finish editing it, save your item and click on the AI Copilot 'Test' button.

Once the test case is generated, you can preview and check if the results are good before applying it. You can regenerate the test case as many times as you wish until the result meets your expectations.

You can also provide some context to AI Copilot, so it can better understand your project or specifics of the requirement and generate you a test case taking into account added information. This includes, for instance, a glossary of words that are unique for your project or some important information about the product or device that is under the test.

Here’s another neat trick. Once the AI Copilot generates a test based on requirement, it is immediately added as a dependency to the requirement. It will also be marked as covered.

Generating a test case from the test case page

You can generate a test case from the test case page itself too. The minimum required to create a test case is the title, but the more information you contribute, the more comprehensive test case will be generated.

Once you have at least a title, click on the β€˜Copilot’ button at the ribbon of a details tab or from a test step designer. The AI Copilot will immediately start generating your test case.

You can use this functionality to pre-create a template which you can modify later or expand once you have a detailed requirement of some nested test cases added.

For the best results, we recommend creating a test case based on a requirement and provide some context.

aqua AI Copilot is currently in beta and available to trial users as well as public cloud customers upon request. If you want to enable it for your account or have any feedback or questions, contact us at

Important Reminder:

Please be aware that AI Copilot can occasionally make mistakes or provide inaccurate answers. We strongly recommend verifying any crucial information for accuracy.

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