23.22.0 - On Premise, private cloud

Release notes

Version 23.22

Include all changes since 22.132 version

New features and improvements:

RQ048352(a) - Editor | Description fields | Preserving the high resolution and clarity of images when saving a ticket

RQ048352(b) - Editor | Description fields | Ensuring the preservation of formatting in content upon ticket saving

RQ048762 - Template | Add option to import list of values to single select and multiselect fields

RQ048761 - Template | Add option to sort alphabetically on the single select and multiselect fields

RQ048510 - Items | The word 'Copy' doesn’t appear in the title of the item when copying it to the target project

Fixed defects:

DF047763 - aqua Desktop Client | Import | Import of a project configuration doesn't work as expected

DF048735 - First login | There is an error when a user tries to load dependencies for the first time in a project

DF048513 - Test executions | Last execution dates are displayed differently based on the timezone

DF048427 - Test cases | The search box is missing in variables

DF048500 - Test executions | Filtering test scenario’s executions by Execution ID fails

DF048390 - File upload | Test executions | When uploading the file that exceeds the set file limit, the page crashes

DF048845 - Reporting | Generation of reports fails when more than 2000 items are included

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