Download SyncConfigurator

Important note: when login in, please mark the 'useHttps' option and set 443 as the port.

You can download the SyncConfigurator from your server landing page. Start the download by clicking the corresponding link on the page.

Save the download and execute the .msi file. You will now start the installation of the SyncConfigurator.

Click on 'Next' to start the installation.

Choose the path, where the tool should be installed. The tool can run directly on your server, or on your local machine. We recommend the installation on your local machine, if you are the one responsible for Jira synchronization. Thus, you will not have to always access the server, if you want to make changes.

Click on 'Install' to start the installation. You will need local administrator rights to do so.

Click on 'Finish' to finish the installation. The SyncConfigurator is now installed, and you can start it and log in.

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