Assigning licenses, projects and roles

Assign Licenses

To assign licenses to a user, please follow these steps:

  1. First, select the user to whom you want to assign a license.

  2. Then, click the "Assign License" button.

  3. You can choose from the available licenses and select either the "Named" or "Floating" type, depending on your licensing options.

Here's a breakdown of the license types:

  • Named License: This type can only be assigned to a single user at a time. Each user with a named license has exclusive access.

  • Floating License: Floating licenses can be assigned to multiple users. This means, for instance, you can allocate your 10 floating licenses to 20 users. However, please note that only as many users can be simultaneously logged into aqua as there are available licenses. In the example with the 10 floating licenses, only 10 out of the 20 users can be logged in simultaneously.

More information and the whole comparison of the available licenses can be found under the following article.

If you are SaaS or Private Cloud customer you will have only one type of the license which is 'aqua cloud' license, which has got all of the permissions according to the set up of the ALM license type.

By selecting the user and following these steps, you can efficiently manage your licenses and user access within aqua, providing flexibility while adhering to the limits set by your available licenses.

Assign Projects and roles

To assign a project to a user, press the Assign Project button, select a project and a role.

There is an option to assign a different role to the project folder once you've assigned the project. To do this, expand the project tree and select the appropriate role from the drop-down list next to the folder you have selected.

If you want to restrict the selected user's access to only the specified folder, remember to assign the role with the fewest permissions and then assign the extended role to the appropriate folder.

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