Shared value sets

If you would like to use a value set in different items, you can define a shared value set. Values that should be the same for all items can be shared in requirements, defects, test cases and test scenarios. This means that you only need to make adjustments in one place when value sets need to be changed or added. In addition, values from fields with shared value sets can also be transferred automatically when creating dependent items or when creating a defect from a test execution. For this, the fields in both items must also have the same name and the type has to be dictionary (single selection). More information about this can be found in the article Taking Over Field Values between Items. To create a shared value set, go to the template configuration page.

If you have your values defined, save your changes. Now, go back to the template configuration. Add a new custom field, that should use the new value set. Chose dictionary as data type. Now you can choose, if the field should use individual values, or the values from your defined shared value set.

You can also convert an existing, individual value set to a shared one. To do so, select an existing dictionary field, or create a new one.

To convert the value set to a shared one, click on . Select a name for the value set and save it by clicking 'OK'.

Now you can use this set in other items or fields.

Please note when importing: existing values are compared with the values from the import list and if they are the same, this value is not imported and the existing value is left but might be changed in order. If values are missing in the import list that are present in the value list, these values are deleted and marked in red in existing items as described in the template configuration. So if you only want to add values, it is recommended that you export, modify and then import the value list. It is not possible to rename values using the import because non-existing values are always created as new entries.

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