23.140.0 - SaaS

Release notes

Version 23.140

Includes all changes since version 23.126

New features and improvements:

RQ058078 - Folders | Add option to copy link to a folder

RQ058205 - Dependencies | Add option to sorting by the columns when linking the item

RQ058004 - Test execution | Add attachment column to the test execution grid

RQ046255 - Jira plugin | Link Test scenarios to Jira issues

​Fixed defects:

DF058175 - Dashboard | Export options are not properly displayed

DF058222 - Capture | When creating a capture in aqua or jira, then the link to capture is broken

DF058126 - Firefox | Import Field Values - unable to move to the next line

DF049456 - Notifications | Tag β€˜description’ doesn't work

DF057880 - Views | 3-dot menu doesn't work in custom view when it's added to favorites + not visible when the title is very long

DF049395 - Views | Context menu overlaps the modal when view name is too long

DF058292 - Test Scenario | Adding test cases to a test scenario from the context menu not possible "[Test Scenario ID] doesn't exist"

DF058260 - Broken UI for changing path modal

DF058210 - Jenkins Integration | Configuration | The password displayed is not covered by asterisks.

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