23.70.0 - SaaS

Release notes

Version 23.70

Includes all changes since version 23.46

New features and improvements:

RQ049277 - AI | Narrate the ideas and convert speech to a requirement

RQ049344 - AI | Test case generation | Save context once they are provided by a user

RQ049346 - AI | Test case generation | Context field changes the size if there is too much of the input, and it's not possible to generate a test case

RQ049168 - Jira | Improvements to the options to connect Jira issues to aqua tickets

RQ049381 - New change log widget

RQ049400 - [Ranorex] Handle linked external files in Ranorex Scripts

RQ048999 - Vulnerabilities [Frontend] | 5. Update 3rd party frontend components to latest compatible versions

RQ049227 - Part 1.1| Template | Test cases | Technical redesign + minor changes to UI

RQ049404 - Sunset of features | Remove Mylyn integration and the information from the pages where it's referenced

RQ049442 - New home page for aqua users

Fixed defects:

DF049396 - CKEditor | Floating editor bar + aqua doesn’t save changes when the bar is shown

DF049448 - Support chat is missing on public cloud environment

DF049426 - Find dependent | Filtering | Not possible to remove filtered items found via ‘Find dependent’

DF049049 - AI | When generating a test case, an error appears when there is a time-out

DF049294 - Test case | When resizing the step designer screen, the ‘New step’ button overlaps the title.

DF049323 - A user can’t preview the change logs

DF049320 - Navigation | Views | Scrollbar is missing for the list with many user custom views created

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