24.8.0 - SaaS

Release notes

Version 24.8 - Public cloud

Includes all changes since version 23.140

New features and improvements:

RQ058257 - AI | Migrate to Azure Open AI in EU

RQ058599 - AI | Improving the stability and speed of AI for the best user experience

RQ058596 - Application | Roles and permissions | AI | Improve behavior and show relevant notifications when a user has no permissions to work with items

RQ058076 - Application | Add other users to CC to receive an email notification (works for all item types)

RQ058694 - Application | Navigation | Rename the tabs to plural form

RQ058594 - Application | Navigate a user to the previous state when he clicks the 'Back' button inside the ticket

RQ058198 - Jira plugin | Add compatibility with Data Center

RQ058529 - Capture | Extension | Option to enable mic when capturing a screen and narrate notes

RQ058589 - Capture | Extension | Pause/Resume video capturing from a toolbar

RQ058453 - Capture | demo.usecapture.io - demo website to test and demo extension capabilities

RQ048796 - Capture | Extension | Share last minute of your screen with tech details

Fixed defects:

DF058363 - Application | Localization | Lack of the translation: column 'Has attachment' is not translated to German

DF058469 - AI Copilot | When there is no expected result, the description can't be generated

DF049513 - Application | Unposted comments are lost when a second user posts a comment

DF058445 - AI |When creating a test case from PRD, then sometimes AI doesn't generate test case, but records all data into a description

DF057908 - Application | Comments | Changes are lost in comments and items if edit several times

DF058412 - Application | Editor | The content is deleted after clicking the ‘save’ button

DF058423 - Application | No error/info toast appears if value set is missing

DF058579 - Application | Flickering effect when opening modals

DF058574 - Application | 3rd party tools | A user is blocked to record a camera while using the browser screen recorder

DF058376 - AI Copilot | Spelling mistake in German

DF058593 - Application | Grid | Error when sorting within grouping by the date field

DF058214 - Application | Test Case | Test Data | The initial '0' value is deleted when importing with xls file

DF058345 - Application | Dependencies | Linked items with Jira issues have got the wrong link under the 'Name column' - 404 error

DF058434 - Application | Grid | When grouping elements by two values and exposing two results, an error occurs

DF058478 - Application | Views | the scrollbar automatically moves to the very bottom when attempting to edit a view

DF058838 - Application | Views | Applying a view causes internal error

DF058495 - Application | Navigation | Assign to in ribbon bar doesn't work

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