Quick execution: test run of multiple test cases at once

Quick execution of test cases in aqua revolutionizes the testing process by enabling rapid feedback on software quality. This accelerated feedback loop expedites defect identification and resolution, streamlining the development cycle and ultimately delivering a superior end product. Moreover, rapid execution fosters more frequent testing, enabling early detection of issues that could otherwise fester into major problems later in the development process.

Step 1: Open the test cases navigation page.

Step 2: Select the test cases you want to run.

Step 3: Right-click to activate the context menu.

Step 4: Choose the option β€˜Quick execute’.

Step 5: When the pop up appears, choose the value set you want to use for each test case execution;

Step 6: Set the tested version.

Spet 7: Create labels (optional).

Step 8: Define the status.

Step 9: Provide the actual result.

Step 10: Save the execution.

When you save the execution, the status and the actual result are applied to all steps of the test case execution. The results are saved in aqua as in general manual test execution.

Please note that if you choose 'Save&Finalize' for the executions, you won't be able to modify them anymore.

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