23.126.0 - On Premise, private cloud

Release notes

Version 23.126

Includes all changes since version 23.102

New features and improvements:

RQ049356 - Part 1.2 | Template | Test cases | Test run configuration | Use custom fields on modal

RQ049379 - Part 1.3 | Template | Test cases | Test run configuration | Use custom fields on execution page

RQ049229 - Part 3 | Add test run configuration fields to the test scenario and executions

RQ049232 - Part 4 | Reports | Add test run configuration fields to the reports

RQ058160 - Jira sync | Give an option to remove mapping of the fields

RQ058147 - Add Capture to aqua test execution page

RQ058004 - Test Cases | Option to add column β€˜attachment’ into test execution grid

RQ057902 - Automation | Extend the unixshell agent to call the function GetExecutionInfo

RQ057894 - Jira plugin redesign | Show linked test cases under the description field and give an option to add items from that block

Fixed defects:

DF058223 - Ranorex Agent | Changes to SerializationBinder causes errors

DF057873 - User roles and permissions | Wrong behavior when modifying the default roles

DF048628 - Translation GUI | Some labels are not translated to German

DF058139 - Dependencies | Tree view | Not all columns are visible and values are mixed

DF058149 - User is logged out when navigating from external site to aqua

DF058099 - Dashboard | Table chart | The view is broken when the table chart is bigger than a chart box

DF058117 - Dashboard | Creating a chart for script causes error

DF057875 - aqua | Capture | When the item template is applied, the information from Capture is not added to RQ or DF

DF057937 - Navigation | Grouping feature | Data from the grid could not be loaded

DF058162 - jira sync | field values are not loaded during configuration (cloud/on prem)

DF057945 - Test executions | Test execution can not be saved when actual result is mandatory and only a image is added

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