24.53.0 - On Premise

Version 24.53.0 - On Premise

Includes all changes since version 24.8.0

New features and improvements:

RQ058257 - Application | New HTML editor in whole application

RQ046976 - Jira plugin | Add filtering of test cases by the attributes to Jira plugin page when selecting test cases/test scenarios

RQ058312 - Jira plugin | Show statistics for each test scenario linked to Jira issues

RQ058768 - Automation | Add support of Ranorex version 11

RQ058995 - Dashboard | Burndown chart template

Fixed defects:

DF058944 - SAML | โ€˜Reset passwordโ€™ button is displayed after entering the wrong password

DF058980 - Application | Test execution | Test scenario execution is interrupted when TCs with nested TCs are executed

DF058648 - Jira Sync | Paging in sync when using DataCenter fails

DF058981 - Jira plugin | Multiple fixes to the jira plugin: show proper execution ID, show counter, keep the execution expanded upon leaving the page

DF048831 - Application | Navigation | Requirement coverage doesn't work for imported project

DF058903 - Application | Wrong notification when copying folders

DF058879 - Application | Item page | Print | Switching between graph view and tree view causes error

DF058495 - Application | Navigation | โ€˜Assign toโ€™ on the ribbon bar doesn't work

DF058431 - Application | Item page | Cursor incorrectly returns to edit multiple choice field after clicking on edit description

DF058766 - Application | Item page | When selecting to print an item, dependencies are not loaded unless you cancel printing

DF059014 - Dashboards | last modified month and days are switched

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