23.46.0 - SaaS 3/3


Version 23.46 Date: 10.05.2023

Preview details of the item

Useful when:

  • You want to see the context for the item

  • You need to quickly preview details or items related to the ticket

  • You want to see linked items and the details of a ticket in a tree view


The options to see different types of the item details are moved to the item preview block.

When you need to preview specific information, click on the item and then switch between the tabs below.

To preview related items in a different mode, click on the dependency and then pick the needed view. Graph view is set by default to quickly see high-level information. In case you want to check in more details linked defects, test scenarios or Jira issues, switch to the Tree view by clicking on the corresponding item.

aqua tip: If you want to add more columns to the dependency tree view, navigate to the item and add the column. It will be automatically added to the preview.

Open item via clicking on the title or the โ€˜Openโ€™ button


To open the item which you would like to check more deeply, simply click on the title or click the Open button on the preview page block.

Generating a test case from the requirement (cloud only)

Useful when:

  • You donโ€™t want to spend much time on creating the test case from scratch

  • You want to update the existing test case once the requirement has been changed

  • You want to improve the existing test case and make it easier to execute


Create or open an existing requirement, then click on the Copilot button on the ribbon.

Wait until the system analyses your requirement and then generates a test case. Once itโ€™s done, and you are happy with the results, save the test case.

The newly created test case will be automatically added as a related item to the requirement and the ticket will be marked as covered by test case.

You can initiate the Copilot while browsing test cases as well.

To create a test case based on multiple requirements, first link them to a pre-created test case and then engage the Copilot.

The AI Copilot will analyse the data from all linked requirements and create a test case.

Note: the AI functionality is available for cloud users upon a request. If you donโ€™t see this feature, contact us at support@aqua-cloud.

Save and Run buttons in Step Designer

Useful when:

  • You want to quickly save the changes to the test case without leaving the tab

  • You want to start executing a test case from the step designer page once you created the ticket or modified it


Create a new or open an existing test case, then make some changes to it. Without leaving the step designer tab, save the recent changes.

Once the edits are saved, you can launch execution by clicking the Run button right from the step designer tab.

In case you donโ€™t have these feature guidelines at hand in the future, we got you covered. You can find all the information on the new features in our aqua wiki.

We continue to make aqua beneficial and easy to use. The upcoming releases will bring both new powerful features and user experience improvements, and we canโ€™t wait to share them with you.

๐ŸคšIn the meanwhile, let us know if you have any questions or feedback at support@aqua-cloud

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