24.33.0 - SaaS


Version 24.33.0

Date: 25.04.2024

New HTML Editor

aqua now has a new HTML editor with a user-friendly design, and advanced features, making it appealing for a wide range of users.


The new editor retains all the classic features you love, now enhanced with several new options to make content creation even smoother.

Font Family

From now on, changing the font family is just a click away. Simply select the text, click on the font button, and choose your desired font from the available options.

We're planning to expand our font selection, so please let us know if there's a specific font you use often and we'll see if we can include it.

Font and background colors

Select font color:

  • Select text you want to customise and then select thetext formatting option.

  • Click on the font color button (depicted as a letter 'A' with a color stripe underneath) to open the color selection tool.

  • In the color selection tool, you can either pick a color from the palette or enter specific RGB values for a custom color. This allows you to precisely match the font color to your preferences or branding requirements.

Change background color:

  • Again, select text you want to customise and then select the text formatting option. Find the background color option symbolized by a paint bucket icon on the toolbar.

  • Click on this icon to open the background color selection dialog.

  • Similar to choosing the font color, you can select from a range of colors or input RGB values to find the exact shade you need. This feature is useful for enhancing readability or highlighting specific sections of the document.


Easily add and customise tables to organise your content more effectively. Whether you're adjusting column widths, altering row heights, or applying different styles, our editor gives you complete control over your table's appearance.

Additionally, for teams utilising Jira, the new editor now supports bidirectional synchronisation of tables between aqua and Jira. This enhancement ensures that your tables maintain their appearance and integrity, seamlessly transferring data without missing any details in both systems.

Enhanced Jira Plugin: Filter test cases or test scenarios by any attribute on selection page


The filtering option allows users to refine your search for test cases or test scenarios within the Jira plugin page. You can specify the type of logical condition you want to apply by choosing from options such as "And," "Or," "Not And," and "Not Or" from a dropdown menu next to the search expression field. This feature enables you to create complex search queries to locate specific items within the system. There is also a basic filter where you can directly input criteria, and an "Apply" button to execute the search based on the chosen filters.

Preview statistics for each test scenario linked to Jira issues


Open a jira ticket that has a test scenario linked. Look at the section titled "aqua tests" where test scenarios are listed. Then click on the expand icon to see all test scenario details. Every executed test scenario has an associated progress bar.

Each progress bar uses different colors to represent the status of test executions:

  • Green: Indicates that the tests has passed.

  • Orange: Indicates that the test execution is blocked.

  • Red: Indicates that the tests have failed.

  • Grey: not executed

To see more detailed statistics, such as the exact number of tests that failed, passed, or blocked, not executed, hover your mouse over the progress bar. This action will display a tooltip with the statistics for that particular test scenario.

Want to know what's coming next? Keep an eye out for updates, as we're currently working on exciting changes that will take your testing experience to the next level.

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