22.123.0 - SaaS

Release notes

Version 22.123.0

Include all changes since 22.105.0 version

New features and improvements:

RQ048273 - aqua re-design | New design and texts for the toast messages

RQ048102 - Chrome extension | Decouple Capture (ex. aqua test recorder) from aqua and provide as a standalone extension

RQ047068 - Agile | Sprint board and Backlog | Quick preview of the items

Fixed defects:

DF048399 - Reset password page | The field email is key sensitive

DF048383 - Executions | Attachments are duplicated when editing executions

DF048405 - Executions | Wrong display of time on the test execution history page

DF048462 - Executions | Test execution can not be saved if two videos were attached

DF048495 - User Administration | The loader is shown upon every click when creating/editing the role

DF048385 - Reporting | Creating/running a report causes 500 server error

DF048380 - Batch edit | Item Context menu doesn't close after batch update

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