23.107.0 - SaaS

Release notes

Version 23.107

Includes all changes since version 23.92

New features and improvements:

RQ057879 - AI Copilot | Option to create new document types based on narration or notes

RQ049165 - Jira | Improve current Jira integration + new look and feel of the settings page

RQ049150 - Jira Sync | oAuth for Jira

RQ049450 - Dashboards | Part 2 | Re-design the chart page

RQ049440 - UI/UX | Add option to create projects from the navigation and items from the project title place

Fixed defects:

DF058149 - User is logged out when navigating from external site to aqua

DF058099 - Dashboard | Table chart | The view is broken when the table chart is bigger than a chart box

DF057875 - aqua | capture | When the template is applied, the information from capture is not added to RQ or DF

DF058097 - Dashboard Edit Chart pop-up opening with flickering effect

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