23.92.0 - SaaS

Release notes

Version 23.92

Includes all changes since version 23.70

New features and improvements:

RQ049391 - AI Copilot | Tweak text helpers

RQ057982 - AI Copilot | Enable tweak text helpers to all item types and comments

RQ049495 - AI Copilot | Improve writing helpers for better results based on selected option by a user

RQ048474 - Jira | Show the linked issues in Jira as the dependencies in aqua and include them into the report

RQ049307 - Jira | Enable sync for datacenter 9 version

RQ057896 - Test case | Ask a user if he wants to finish the previous not completed test execution

RQ049489 - UI/UX | Open the item page in the same tab and add 'back' button

RQ049449 - Dashboards | Part 1| Re-design the dashboards page

RQ057876 - Item | Remove redirection of a user to the 'page closed information'

RQ049514 - Navigation | Improve the flow with adding the columns to navigation

RQ049441 - UI | User Administration | Change sorting of the projects from 'recent created' to alphabetical order

RQ048998 - Vulnerabilities | 4. Add support for CSP, report only by default

RQ049421 - Vulnerabilities [mvc] | 5. Update 3rd party frontend components to latest compatible versions

Fixed defects:

DF058007 - AI Copilot | Create a session for a user even when the connection is not stable

DF049523 - CK editor | Remove thr floating bar in the editor and mark the item as unsaved when the changes are made

DF049522 - User Administration | Localize the 'Roles and permissions' labels to German

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