24.50.0 - SaaS

Version 24.50 - Public cloud

Includes all changes since version 24.33

New features and improvements:

RQ058668 - AI | Create multiple test cases based on the requirement and context

RQ058995 - Dashboard | Burndown chart template

RQ059049 - AI Copilot Text Helper| Extend the number of available languages for translation

Fixed defects:

DF059014 - Dashboards | last modified month and days are switched

DF059408 - HTML editor | The tooltip for the second identical link is lost

DF059429 - Requirements | Sub-requirements contains the same descriptive text

DF059420 - Editor | Deleting of text doesn't work as expected

DF059369 - Comments | When mentioning a user the list of users opens in the top left corner of the page

DF059370 - Editor | Typing @ in a description opens empty list

DF059368 - Editor | Adding link via the toolbar causes an error

DF059365 - Editor | The added the link of an attachment looks broken

DF059360 - Editor | Ordered List disappears in comment after it was post

DF059366 - Navigation | Filtering | The number of items and pages are missing when filter is active

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