23.46.0 - SaaS 1/3


Version 23.46 Date: 10.05.2023

New UI: Redesigned Navigation page

Quick actions panel

Useful when:

  • You need easy access to the most frequently used options

  • You want to know what item you are creating and on what tab you are right now


To create a new item, folder or project, hover over the button and select one of the available options from the dropdown menu.

Alternatively, you can navigate to any of the item type tabs, and clicking the New button there will automatically create an item of the same type. This means that you can create new items with minimal clicks, saving you valuable time and effort.

To copy a link or modify an item, select one or more items on the grid, and click on one of the available quick actions.

For even more options, head over to the 3-dot menu or use the context menu.

If you want to see changes in the last few seconds or see the latest test execution, click on the Refresh button to update the grid.

New search module

Useful when:

  • You want to search for specific information within the project

  • You need to see all items that contain key words in one go

  • You want to filter items that meet the search criteria and show them on the grid


To search for an item at the project level, enter a keyword into the search box and press the Enter key. By default, the system will begin searching for items that meet the specified criteria within the project.

If you wish to search for tickets within a specific item type, you may select that type from the dropdown menu prior to initiating the search. Similarly, if you wish to filter results that are of the specific item type, you may select it from the dropdown after results for all types of items have been returned.

Once the items are found, you can open one of them from the pop-up by clicking on the title. If you want to check a group of items and apply the filtering next, then click on Show on the grid and the items will be filtered and displayed.

To reset the list on the navigation screen, simply clear the search box by clicking on the cross.

For your convenience, we also added a shortcut to trigger search and added 5 recent searched words, making it easier for you to find items in no time.


Useful when:

  • You want to see what filters are applied to the grid

  • You need to granularly change the applied filtering

  • You want to apply filtering and then create a custom view


In the old version of aqua, filters were located on the ribbon in the Item grid group. But in the latest version, we've moved filters to a separate group closer to the grid. This makes it more convenient for you to view subsets of the information displayed.

To view a subset of the information that is currently displayed, click on the Filter button and select one of the available options.

Select the Filter row option to display items that meet specific criteria for a given column, or use Add filter for more advanced filtering scenarios.

Once you applied a filter, all the criteria you had selected will be displayed at the top of the grid, making it easy for you to see what filters are active.

If you need to remove a filter, simply click on the 'x' next to the filter label. The other filters will remain active.

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